The Platinum Beginning

Welcome to Platinum Solutions -  T H E  elite consulting services company.  As an elite consulting services  company our specialty is superior service for our prestigious clients.  Our 20 plus years of executive administration experience is at your behest to assist with commencement (baby steps) through to a Premier finish.  If  your project is modest, enormous, one-time, ongoing, complicated, simplistic, precise, inconclusive, or a miscellaneous consultation request a Phenomenal finale is guaranteed. Select your Primary package and contact us without delay because a Paramount commencement awaits to accelerate you towards a Prominent path that culminates with Platinum assets!

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After Cameron Was Born


My son was born in 1992.  As he began his baby steps I commenced bringing Platinum Solutions to life by assisting new and seasoned business owners with acclimating themselves into the business world and remaining liquid.  My first client was Cameron - his distribution company.  He is a true entrepreneur.  Since then he has tried landscaping, small inventions, and is now growing an eclectic T-shirt business while attending a renowned trade school for electricity.  Cameron is MY Platinum Solution.  

It took long late hours after Cameron went to bed to graduate from baby steps to running THE elite consulting services company.  I am now taking Platinum steps.  Business owners who are without a mentor or strong support team that is business savvy and/or have not attended any business management workshops will find it difficult to survive their first year even if they have more than enough funding and investors. 

Business owners (new and seasoned), parents, school teachers, administrative assistants, partners, you, and me alike need that exceptional team member when the clutch is stuck in first gear. Platinum Solutions is humble but confident that we Are your exceptional team member.

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Your Platinum Asset Path

In the beginning when Cameron and I embarked upon this Platinum path to success I thought about my inability to succeed and all of the reasons to quit before I fell on my face.  That momentary lapse in judgment convinced me that Platinum Solutions would triumph by assisting owners to get over the same hurdles of:  who to contact about licensing and insurance, employee and tax identification numbers, balance sheets, leasing contracts, building codes and zoning, marketing, choosing a business name and logo, fiscal profits, copyright procedures, or simply what colors to use for their Grand Opening banner, what font to use on their stationery set, a final proof of the vacation postcards you created, or having your garage-sale flyer laminated.

If you are having that queasy unsettling feeling in your stomach or you are on point with your transition from employee to employer but need an exceptional team member send an email or give us a call so we can find your Prominent path and put it in motion.

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